Braes: Angus Stewart

ANGUS STEWART, Crofter, Beinn-a-chorrain
Angus states his age as 40 in the second part of his evidence.

The 1881 census shows Angus as a 38-year old fisherman, living at 8 Bencorran, Portree. He lives with his father John (82), the tenant of 4 acres of arable land, his mother Isabella (80) and sister Flora (40). Earlier censuses show that the family also included Donald, Catherine, John and Rachel as Angus's siblings.The family shifts to croft no 7 in 1871 and no 9 in 1861. The earliest reference is in 1841, when Angus is aged 3 months.

In 1891, Angus is married to Catharine (17 years his junior). He is a crofter as well as a dealer in groceries, now resident at no 10. He has four daughters, Isabella, Marion, Mary and Donaldina, all aged below 10. A decade later, three more children have been added to the family, namely Johanna, Angus and Catherine. 

Angus dies on 31 January 1919 at the age of 79, having suffered from weakness for 4 years. He is by then the widower of Catherine Macmillan. His son-in-law reports the death 4 days later to the registrar in Portree.

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